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Project Description

.NET Warehouse Scheduling Framework is a complete .NET Winforms open source framework solution for creating custom enterprise resource planning (ERP), logistics and warehouse scheduling solutions right out of the box.

Manage the critical elements of a supply chain, from planning through shipping and receiving with actionable real-time information right from your own data sources. Out of the box the project compiles to three DLL's:
  • Interface - application navigation, reporting, data presentations
  • Business Rules - standard implemented business practices for managing a warehouse
  • Data Binding - objects for connecting to SQL Server and ADO .NET compliant databases and structures for mapping data table column names to the dbiWSFObject properties

The DBI ( Warehouse Shipments Scheduling Framework (WSF) is a .NET Winforms development Framework providing developers a trusted way to implement standards-based Warehouse, shipment and dock scheduling systems.

This source code takes advantage of DBI's commercial component software - Solutions Schedule for .NET Enterprise and Studio Controls for .NET component software products. There is no requirement to subscribe to DBI's component software products - a developer may use any component or developed routine to substitute for a control used in this source code offering.

In step with common patterns & practices, the DBI .NET Scheduling Framework offers development groups an accelerated design and development medium for building custom logistics applications, reducing project risk and positioning development teams to take advantage of industry proven development strategies and resources:
  • Warehouse Shipments Scheduling Fundamentals
  • Warehouse Scheduling Objects
  • Data Binding
  • UI Presentation
  • Business Rules
  • Reporting
  • Visual Studio .NET
  • .NET Framework

Ready to compile - the DBI .NET Scheduling Framework can be compiled right out of the box providing an immediate Logistics and Warehouse Shipments Scheduling Solution, incorporating the concepts, definitions and the implementation of business rules governing a schedule for items received into and shipped from a warehouse.

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